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On this page you get a unique opportunity to take a look at some of my (earlier) productions: All videos are compressed to Windows Media 9 with Canopus ProCoder Express.

[MOVE IT 32]
year of production: 2004, length: 3m44s, size: 27.40MB

Camera: Sony VX9000E (DV), editing: Canopus DVStorm and Canopus EDIUS 2.51 (screenshot)
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[Sharp Dressed Men]
year of production: 2002, length: 2m11s, size: 11.70MB

Here's tattoo-artist Don Pedro, dressed as a drag queen during the annual fair 2001. Montage with LOTS of effects!!!

Camera: Sony PC7E (miniDV), editing: Canopus DVStorm and Adobe Premiere 6.0

update May 12th, 2009:
Sadly, my good friend Pedro van der Bliek (aka 'Don Pedro') passed away at the age of 45. He was a nice guy, I'll miss him.
A small 'In Memoriam' was added to the original video.
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year of production: 1998, length: 1m03s, size: 6.75MB

The footage of "Herfst" was the result of a workshop for beginners I attended back in 1996. All footage was shot with the Sony TR2000E (Hi8).

Later these analog images were copied to, and edited on DV. Amongst other things, I used the footage to test my new Adaptec HotConnect card I bought in 1998. Some weeks later this testing - although somewhat unintended - resulted in a final production.

Editing software was MediaStudio 5.2. The title "Herfst" was made with Crystal Flying Fonts.
download "Herfst"
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[workshop Global DVC]
year of production: 2000, length: 1m29s, size: 9.42MB

It's always nice to visit a workshop by Jan van der Meer, founder of Global DVC in Zandvoort here in The Netherlands.

Together with Jan and a dozen of other DV-enthousiasts I spent a full day with my Sony VX9000 (DV) at Circuitpark Zandvoort for some nice shots.

Used for editing: Canopus DVRaptor, RaptorEdit and Adobe Premiere 5.1c.
download "workshop Global DVC"
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[een minuutje Roosendaal]
year of production: 2000, length: 0m55s, size: 5.25MB

All it took to produce "Een minuutje Roosendaal" was one sunny afternoon to shoot the pictures, and one rainy afternoon for spotting and editing. The footage was shot with my small Sony PC7E camcorder (miniDV).

Used for editing: Canopus EZDV and EZEdit.
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[la Parade de NoŽl]
year of production: 1996, length: 3m31s, size: 19.7MB

"La Parade de Noël" was my first production I created with a PC, back in 1996. It's about the Christmas Parade in Disneyland Paris, rhythmically edited on a nice piece of Dixieland music.

In order to get enough suitable footage for "La Parade" I have visited Disneyland Paris at least 20 times during 1992 - 1996. I even had an "All Year Passport" for two years. During the Winter season I sometimes visited the park up to three times a month.

All footage was shot on Video8 and Hi8. I first used a Sony TR60E camcorder (Video8), later replaced by a Sony TR2000E (Hi8). After editing, "La Parade" was mastered on S-VHS tape.

It's hard to believe nowadays, but "La Parade" is a complete analog production and all editing has been done on a PC with (only...) a 150 MHz Cyrix CPU, a 1.2GB Seagate IDE harddisk, a 4.3GB Quantum GrandPrix SCSI harddisk and a Q-Motion analog capture card.

Editing software I used was Ulead MediaStudio Pro 2.5.
download "la Parade de Noël"
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